Monday, May 24, 2010

Schizo Horror Cat

So generally I've felt kinda bad about starting this blog, because Sully has actually been pretty well behaved for the most part. Occasionally when he's lonely or bored he goes destructive again, and knocks over a vase or the shampoo or some books, but nothing too terrible.

Today, I swore to him that if he doesn't shape up before we have kids, he's out. I will kick his furry little butt out myself.

Sure, he's got his innocent faces. Those are the times I can easily take pictures, because he's lounging around doing nothing, being cute. What I can't capture are times like this morning when he is (pardon me, but) a huge asshole and rips open my leg with a surprise attack because I opened a window for him, petted him nicely and then walked away. For no reason, as I was leaving the room, he declared war with a guerrilla style attack on my left knee (which is the bad one), ripping it open on the tender injured side. I just came from feeding him, petting him, and opening the window for him to enjoy a little spring breeze.

It's hard to believe this is the same cat who just an hour ago was cuddling up to my feet, purring, being a sweetheart. I could kick him out right now. The lasting effects of the monstrosity that he is (scars, bloodied legs and feet, a sense of having to watch your back in your own home all the time) is starting to really outweigh his cute and cuddly side. He seems schizophrenic even for a cat.

It would be one thing if he was play biting. But he's in it for blood. He runs, jumps, and tears into you with the desire to cause injury. This just better stop soon.

I love this cat. I would never want to give him away. But I swear.. if this keeps up and continues in the years to come when we're having kids, he will no longer be part of this family.

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