Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Horror Continues

I think when dealing with your pet starts giving you ulcers, among scars and other things, it is a good time to start thinking about options.

Options like.. maybe we need to get him a little buddy. A friend, yes, but also someone who can teach him to share the attention and not be so needy all the time.

Or, cat tranquilizer.

Sully is generally very good, but out of nowhere he can turn on you. Excerpt from Friday: "Again, you are a total douchebag. I could have gone without four gaping bite marks in my leg with your calling card, one of your long strands of fur, lodged across them. Little pisser." For anyone reading, you know I don't normally speak in this way, so you should know what a little scamming, terrorizing rodent we have living among us.

In this case it was obviously our fault - his litter box went just a little too long without being cleaned, and he decided it was time to revolt. First he peed on the floor by the front door (possibly catching my black sandal, although I don't think it quite made it that far). I noticed that pretty quickly and realized the error, cleaning that and then the litter box quickly. But upon walking past him quickly to escape the horrible odor (I'm quite sensitive to it and felt like I was about to pass out), he jumped up and bit my leg quite hard, even drawing a little blood.

You don't hit a cat. You just don't. But I sure flung him across the room off of myself in defense of my leg. I then grabbed a spray bottle and sprayed him to oblivion, screaming at him in extreme frustration. These actions have become unfortunately common in recent weeks and I am not happy about the level of rage he gets out of me. No one else in the world has triggered such foul language out of me at such a volume (as well as probably elevated blood pressure and heart rate). But then, no one else I've ever known went so quickly from a foot nuzzle to assault with a murderous look. It is behavior that is not well tolerated here, especially when it is unprovoked.

Such was the case this evening. Tonight it was just Sully and me - Naveen is spending the night with friends near work so that I can have the car bright and early tomorrow for a lengthy appointment and possibly some work. I fed him, played with him, pet him, let him sit up on the desk and the windowsill.. and then, out of no where, he jumped at me. I grabbed him by the nape of his neck (isn't that what it's called? the part in back where the mother grabs them as kittens) and held tight so he would stop jumping at me. I then let go, trying to calm him down, but he lunged toward my face. I had to slap him away, or push him in mid air, if you will. You just don't hit a cat. I sure am out of ideas though. This behavior absolutely has to stop.

Dear Sully,
You make me very sad and upset when you descend into insane behavior, lurching at me and biting me. I'm getting very tired of it. It doesn't matter how well I feed you, how much I play with you, or how much space or freedom I give you... you're still so crazy, flipping from happy and sweet to mean and destructive. It makes me sad.


  1. We refer to our cat as "little bastard". He knows that as his other name and turns to look (then pounces and bites, then sprints away).
    What a little bastard.
    If you haven't yet sprung for some Feliway (the cat hormone dispenser) I recommend it highly. Please also take the time to be ambivalently amused by the direction on the spray-bottle version (although I recommend the wall-socket version) "do not spray directly on cat".

  2. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Man this blog is out of date. Sully's still quite the little bastard, although better in many ways. But he still gets us pretty bad sometimes.